TheFirstDraconis Angsanian Towers Book 1
Procus Evgenis was just a normal kid, your average primary school student. However, when a mysterious man breaks down his classroom door and whisks him off to a place of wonder and magic, Procus' life is thrown into disarray as he faces the greatest threat the world has seen since the Dark Ages.
Faloo Asura Descending into Naruto World
Second Shinobi World War, Ninja World is in full swing. Transmigrated to become the Uchiha Clan member of Hidden Leaf Village, the talented Uchiha Tsuki needs to undergo a severe test! This article is about the ordinary ninja story, no internal strength, no beasts, no artifacts. Rebirth is the biggest golden finger, the growth of expert does not need too much restraint! And see how Uchiha Tsuki stepped on the peak and became the Asura in Ninja World! ……
TLCsDestiny Duplicate!!
For one that has lost her memories and then taken into a palace for the sole purpose of ‘duplicating’ the Princess, Dupli began with no idea and to do as she was told. Having to endure scrutiny and harm from other maids and attempted assassinations over her life, Dupli is forced to grow stronger as the time goes by. With no other option to take, as she feared death, she had to run away to survive. There are short glimpses upon how her life may have been, but what she has recently gon
sinfuego World\'s First Demon Lord
(Cover is currently a draft sketch) "This world is truly...boring." The Mage King, overthrown and killed by his own people, escaped via one last spell. Reincarnated in the body of a weak baby, he sets off to conquer the world once more. Except somehow, he has been reincarnated into a completely different world. A world with no mages...aside from him. What is the point in ruling such a...
the_0ne Devolved: Path of the beast
Given an option he cannot refuse, the boy will accept. Leaving the consequences for after he has reached his goal. He will learn and grow with every piece of experience gained. He will climb and stumble. He will claim a place for himself in the stars and heavens. For he continues to walk. Even without limbs or bones